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We’re Closing In On a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

Kristina Endres, PhD,University Medical Centre, and Ana C. Pereira, MD, The Rockefeller University

If you’ve been following the news, maybe you’ve noticed a flurry of reports on potential crossover drugs—drugs already on pharmacy shelves—that may be repurposed or pave the way to halt Alzheimer’s disease.

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Hearing Voices Doesn’t Mean You’re Crazy

Jan Dirk Blom, MD, PhD, University of Groningen

In fact, 10% to 15% of the general population experience auditory hallucinations, ranging from simple sounds like hissing and ticking to dialogue among several voices.

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Better Treatment For Social Anxiety

Better treatment for social anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) was more effective than antidepressants and other drugs and types of...

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Promising Drug for Parkinson’s

Promising drug for Parkinson’s. An experimental drug, dubbed AT2101, improved symptoms in mice within four months. The drug, originally developed...

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